AnnMarie Oakes’ Loving Lilah 99 cents Now #historicalromance #westernromance #newrelease


Because I have such awesome readers, I’m going to offer Loving Lilah at the sale price of $0.99 for one week! Check it out – thirty positive reviews already 🙂

On the run from the law … and falling in love.

Lilah Canton never expected to see her childhood neighbor Ash Thompson behind bars. Even more, she never expected to care. Ash needled her all through their childhood.

But discovering him in the Barden Falls jail stuns her. He’s accused of murdering the son of Abner Barden, the most powerful man in town, and they both know he won’t live to see a trial. Lilah’s the only one who can help him. Against her better judgment, she aids Ash’s escape.

Now they’re on the run from the law and a bounty hunter they can’t shake. Ash says they’ll be safe in the Colorado Territory, but first they have to survive the harrowing cross-country journey.

And Lilah has to decide how safe her heart is from Ash.


Loving Lilah can be previewed or purchased at following retailers. Read on for an excerpt.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | All Romance | Apple iTunes | Smashwords

Coming soon to Kobo and paperback.

Spicy Excerpt

Ash soothed the jumpy geldings with soft whispers. He untied a rolled blanket from behind his saddle, shook it open, and tossed it on the ground.

When Ash turned, Lilah was right behind him, and she fetched up against his chest. As she gazed deep into Ash’s eyes, she saw strength. She saw reassurance. Her heart knocked wildly against her ribs. She leaned in and pressed her lips to his jaw.

Ash dipped his head and caught her mouth with his own. His tongue traced the curved seam between her lips and darted inside.

Lilah trembled and the warmth in her belly expanded. Her skin grew hot as a nameless need rose within her.

Ash’s hand tightened on her shoulder, and he eased her down onto her back atop the blanket.

Lilah didn’t protest. It never crossed her mind. Kissing Ash was as natural as a breeze and as inevitable as the sunrise. The warm tingle spreading through her body enthralled her and she ached for more. She wanted Ash to touch her everywhere, and her fingers itched to touch him in return.

Ash placed his palms on the rough fabric of the blanket and leaned over her, closing the space between them. When mere inches separated their bodies, he stopped and his eyes met hers.

Lilah blinked as she gazed into the expanding black of his pupils. Her lips widened into an unconsciously seductive smile. Her breasts burned for his touch and she reached out, placing her palm on his chest. But it wasn’t to halt him. It was an invitation, and her fingers curled into his shirt. She pulled him closer until the hard wall of his chest met hers, and her nipples puckered beneath the fabric of her sodden dress.

Ash settled himself beside her and pulled Lilah into his arms, sliding his hands over her back. As their bodies collided, Lilah shivered. She tilted her face toward his and he kissed her, lightly, tenderly, before taking her mouth with hungry passion.

Lilah twisted against him, longing to satisfy the craving within her. She gasped as he pulsed against her belly. Lilah wasn’t ignorant. She knew the nature of things between a man and a woman, but never in her most secret dreams had she imagined how the burn of desire would consume her. How was this possible? She loved Lucas, didn’t she? But Lucas had never made her feel like this, not even close. The hunger Ash roused made her schoolgirl fantasies of Lucas seem like a pale, distant shadow. She didn’t know when it had happened, but her infatuation for Lucas had evaporated, broken by the passage of time and Ash’s searing imprint upon her.

Ash slid his hand over her hip and up between their bodies. He flexed his fingers over her breast, and Lilah jerked and hummed with pleasure.

He rested his forehead against hers. “Lilah, I cannot tell you how much I want you. There aren’t words.”


Loving Lilah can be previewed or purchased at following retailers.

Amazon | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | All Romance | Apple iTunes | Smashwords


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