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Romancing_Rosalie_AnnMarie_Oakes_200x300Hi Readers! I’m very excited to release Romancing Rosalie as a stand alone novella. Please take a peek at the blurb and excerpt!


Rosalie Weld’s fiancé has a mistress, and he doesn’t intend to give her up just for marriage. After breaking her engagement, Rosalie flees Boston for her cousin’s homestead in the Colorado Territory and it might just be the perfect refuge, if she can learn to accept the hard work and solitude of frontier life.

Even on her journey, she can’t avoid womanizers like Garrett Ballinger, who stumbles out of a brothel and straight onto the stagecoach. But Rosalie will be safe when she arrives in Cascade Creek; the local marshal will escort her to Audra’s homestead.

Trouble is, Garrett is the marshal and he’s plenty interested in the pretty Easterner. He may not be the man she thinks he is, but she can’t trust him–until she’s forced to. Can a Christmas miracle warm up Rosalie’s frozen heart?


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Rosalie winced as she stepped into the parlor. Her corset bit into her in places, rubbing her skin raw. Annie, her maid, always pulled it too snug. Rosalie’s mother took a keen interest in fashion and that meant wearing the latest styles with no regard to comfort. Her mother didn’t care for the looser dresses that some ladies were wearing. She deemed them inappropriate and forbade Rosalie from wearing one. After she married, Rosalie planned to take a greater hand in her own wardrobe. It was one of many benefits she anticipated would accrue to her after marriage to her fiancé, Winslow Dudley, in January.

Laughter rang out across the room and Rosalie made her way to the conversation group. As she approached, talking stopped and everyone avoided her gaze. Her closest friend, Katherine, immediately launched into a description of new hats she’d seen the previous day at Jordan Marsh, and soon conversation resumed.

Rosalie couldn’t shake the feeling that she’d been the topic of discussion and the surreptitious glances she intercepted cemented her opinion. There was no reason for anyone to be gossiping about her that she knew of. She was always very conscious of her comportment. Her mother never would have allowed it to be otherwise. Rosalie didn’t care to risk a week’s worth of lectures for a momentary lapse.

Tea was served and Rosalie took a place on a settee next to Katherine. “Did you purchase a new hat yesterday?”

Katherine didn’t meet her eye and her words came out in a rush. “Why no I didn’t, though they were lovely. I have so many hats already. I’m having a few new dresses made for Christmas. We’re doing so much entertaining after all, and I thought I’d see what I needed.”

“Is something amiss?” Rosalie and Katherine had always had a special kinship. Katherine’s mother was as domineering as Rosalie’s and they often took solace in one another’s company. Out of their common experience, true friendship had blossomed.

Katherine wrung her hands. “Of course not. Everything is quite fine with me. And yourself?”

“Everything is in place for the wedding, of course. I just hope the weather won’t be too harsh come January.” Cold and a dusting of snow wouldn’t interrupt the plans, but a full-blown snowstorm would be a disaster. Rosalie would have preferred to wait until spring or even summer, but she hadn’t been given the choice.

Katherine jerked at the mention of the wedding. Her fingers fiddled with the brooch pinned to her dress.

Rosalie placed her hand over Katherine’s. “I know something is bothering you. Is it your mother?” Rosalie spied the sheen of tears in Katherine’s eyes.

Katherine shook her head. “Perhaps you could offer me a ride home after tea in your carriage.”

Rosalie hid her surprise. “I’d be glad to.” Katherine’s suggestion was unusual, and though she was glad to grant the request, it made her uneasy. Rosalie’s discomfort grew until she suggested they take their leave early.

Katherine was more than happy to oblige and soon they found themselves tucked into the carriage, making their way through the streets of Boston. The coachman drove with care as the packed snow made the streets slick.

Only a moment passed before Katherine grabbed Rosalie’s hands in her own. “I’m so sorry. I … I guess everyone knows. Don’t worry though, it will blow over.”

Rosalie frowned. “Katherine, what are you talking about?”

“Winslow’s … situation.” Katherine released Rosalie and began twisting the ribbons that decorated her reticule.

Rosalie’s eyes widened in confusion. “I beg your pardon?” Winslow was a successful businessman. He hadn’t mentioned a concern of any kind in his business or otherwise.

“Oh dear, you don’t know?” A ribbon on Katherine’s reticule detached from her rough treatment and she stuffed it inside.

Rosalie could no longer hide her growing irritation and spoke more sharply than she would have wished. “Don’t know what? Katherine …”

Katherine’s hands flailed about as if seeking something new to grab on to. “About Winslow’s mistress.”

“Mistress? What are you talking about?” Rosalie took a calming breath as her agitation grew.

“His mistress.” Katherine shifted on the seat.

“Winslow doesn’t keep a mistress.”

Sadness settled onto Katherine’s face. “Yes, he does and she is … increasing.”


Romancing Rosalie can be previewed or purchased at the following retailers.

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AnnMarie Oakes’ Stop on the Mistletoe H0p #MistleToeHop

Christmas Trees. Holiday Music. Sugar Cookies. Glitter and Bows. And Best Of All… the Mistletoe. Romance books enhance our holiday traditions. So hop around with us to celebrate the best romance books of the season.

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westernkisses-cover-3D-252x300I’ve been very fortunate this year to be a part of the USA Today Bestselling anthology Western Kisses – Old West Christmas Romances. Who knew so many readers wanted a Christmas-themed historical romance?

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Audra and Lucas, two character from my story Romancing Rosalie (from Western Kisses), have a book of their own!

lovinglucas600x900Loving Lucas Excerpt

Two shots exploded from the cabin, one after the other. Buckshot flew everywhere, falling far short of the targets. The chickens renewed their squawking protest.

“Hey now! Don’t be shooting at us!” The indignant screech was followed by another gunshot and the sound of shattering glass.

Lucas shook his head. That was enough. He slipped away from the chicken coop and into the trees, skirting around toward the location of the shooters. He came upon two horses tied to a tree. The mounts were prime horseflesh with quality gear. Lucas considered turning them loose, but he wanted these men to ride out and quick like.

He moved silently, tree to tree, until he knew he was close. Glowing moonlight fell on the outside of the cabin but it was completely dark inside. He discerned two hulking shadows barely visible at the edge of the trees.

One man stepped forward into the clearing, shaking his gun in the air. Lucas aimed and pulled the trigger. The man let out an outraged howl as he fell. Lucas had gone for the leg, not wanting to deal with a killing. He’d hit something, but it wasn’t clear what. He melted back into the trees.

“Damn bitch! She done shot me!” The injured man emphasized his outrage by shooting into the air.

“Well, hell, I knew this was a bad idea. How you gonna explain that to the boss?”

“I don’t give a shit. Help me on my horse. Let’s get the hell out of here.”

Lucas crawled back to the chicken coop and crouched in the darkness. The birds were quiet but still fluttering about inside. He heard the two men ride away. He’d have to check the house. At least one bullet had made it inside and someone could be injured. However, he didn’t want to get shot at himself. He considered his options.

Lucas called out, “Those men are gone now. Do you need help?” The night air was still and becoming chilled as the residual heat of the day faded from the ground.

Silence was the only answer. Damn. Maybe they couldn’t respond.

There were no windows on the chimney side of the cabin and he approached from that direction. “Hello? Can you hear me? I’m here to help.” He didn’t blame them for not answering. After all, they didn’t know him from a hole in the ground.

He moved silently down the rough, exterior wall and edged onto the slumping porch. “My name’s Lucas. Is anyone hurt?”

The front door opened a crack and a shotgun barrel appeared. “What do you want, Mister?” The woman’s voice was young but steady.

“I heard the shots from my camp. I came to see what was happening.” Lucas kept his voice low and smooth.

“Some drunken fools decided to pay us a visit is what happened,” the feminine voice answered tartly.

“Apparently so.” Lucas coughed to suppress his chuckle. He knew it was no laughing matter. The danger had been real. But something about her indignation struck him as humorous.

“That John Duncan was carrying on about being shot. I know I didn’t hit him. Was that you?” She sounded merely curious and not one bit concerned about the injury.

“I must confess, ma’am, that I did try to hasten their departure.” Maybe humor would help to defuse the tense situation.

“I suppose you better come in.” The door swung open.


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Lucas is a Wicked Warrior on the Halloween H0p

wicked warriorWelcome to the Wicked Warriors Halloween Hop!

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The phrase “Wicked Warriors” conjures up all sorts of great images doesn’t it? My newest release, Loving Lucas, has just such a warrior! Please check out the blurb and tell me what you think in the comments.

Loving Lucas Blurb

Audra Canton’s suitors have an odd way of making their case: they keep shooting at her. The Colorado Territory of the 1870s is tough on women alone; the two Canton sisters have no one but each other after the death of their father. All the locals want to marry Audra for the Canton homestead, and they’re not above scaring her into it. Audra needs help learning to protect herself and her sister.

lovinglucas600x900That’s when Lucas Blake drifts into Audra’s life. She takes him on as a hired hand, though he’s anything but. He’s a lawman hot on the trail of a hardened criminal, and working the Canton homestead is the perfect cover.

But just when Audra thinks she’s out of the line of fire, Lucas accidentally puts her straight into the sights of a new, more deadly gun that makes her drunken suitors look like toy soldiers. Now Lucas and Audra must fight for their lives—and each other.

Loving Lucas can be previewed or purchased at the following retailers.

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